About Us

SoulSpace Christian Community are a bunch of people who live and do life together in the Pennington area.

Our Vision:

We will be a new monastic community which is Authentic (True to Jesus), Relational (Kind to People) and Missional (Sharing the Good News about Jesus)

Our Values:

We seek to be TRUE to Jesus through:

  • PRAYER & WORSHIP – because encounters with God can change everything
  • CREATIVITY – because the Creator really is worth celebrating

We seek to be KIND to others through:

  • HOSPITALITY – because God has welcomed us into his family with lavish generosity
  • JUSTICE & MERCY – because we care passionately about those on the edges

We seek to be LOYAL to the gospel through:

  • MISSION – because the gospel is good news for every single person on the planet
  • LEARNING – because Jesus is still in the disciple-making business