Hard Work to Slow Down

One of the practices Vicki and I have decided to focus on for 2017 is keeping sabbath. This means being very deliberate in not “working” for a block of time. For us, it is from sundown Thursday to lunchtime Saturday.

One of the theological ideas behind sabbath is that we take a break from “doing” and let God be in control for a while! Rest and play joins us with The Creator and we become more truly who we were created to be.

But here’s the rub – not working is hard!

Week one was awesome! The house was clean, the fridge was stocked and rest was easy!

Then came week two! Sunday to Thursday was busy. Planned things and unplanned things crowded the week. By the time Thursday sundown came we were tired, hot (41º C that day) and the house was a mess. Dishes in the sink and on the bench (and in certain bedrooms) made the house look untidy. Shoes, socks, books, mail, papers, keys, bags and all sorts of other things cluttered the living spaces. Anxiety increased as I realised sabbath would be hard this week.

The restful Friday turned into a day of trips, driving, cleaning and tiredness!

Another lesson learned – if we want to take sabbath seriously, then we are going to have to take the rest.of the week seriously. Rest can only come when we don’t let things pile up!

This is true physically, but I think it’s true emotionally, mentally and spiritually too!  We have a lot to learn about the hard work it takes to be prepared to do nothing!

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