New Monasticism

All over the world, people are wanting to explore new ways of being the church and relating to their communities and their world.

Some people are finding the new by embracing the ancient.  There is something very attractive about a life lived in rhythms of Prayer, Mission and Justice.

SoulSpace House of Prayer is a New Monastic Community based  in the North-Western Suburbs of Adelaide, with a heart to train and release disciples who have a deep centre of prayer combined with loving action.

The SoulSpace Internship is a 10-month, part-time study of New Monasticism, particularly the practices, postures, values and vision associated with it. The Internship program draws primarily from the ‘Rule of Life’ for 24-7 Prayer International’s ‘Boiler Rooms,’ as described by Andy Freeman in Punk Monk (Baker, 2007), and explores each of the practices of this ‘Rule.’


What Does the Internship Involve?

Four core values give shape to the Internship: learning, contemplation, reflection, and action.

  • Learning: Reading the assigned books; reading one another’s online posts; hearing about others’ assignment experiences and projects.
  • Contemplation: Spending time in God’s presence; pursuing intimacy with Him; weekly prayer.
  • Reflection: Posting thoughts and responses online; deliberate participation in spiritual direction, spiritual formation, and Internship retreat.
  • Action: Completing monthly assignments and the Independent Project.

In addition, other values are at play as well. For instance, the value of encouraging community, which forms throughout the whole experience, especially during the monthly dinners and retreat. We find that community also combines with the core value of learning, creating a specific learning cohort as the Internship’s structure, facilitation and small-group dynamics support its overall focus.

We value making space for people to encounter God — allowing them to ask questions such as, ‘What do you want me to do?’ and ‘Who do you want me to be?’ — and then helping to awaken them to the possibilities that we see God placing before them. We also see great value in co-labouring: connecting people and groups in work that benefits our souls and our communities.



Book Studies: Interns read one assigned book during each of the ten months of the Internship.

Practical Exercises: Arising out of what interns learn from our reading each month.

Dinner Conversations: A potluck dinner each month.

Weekly Reflections: Interns post personal reflections from their reading, once a week, on a private, online community message board.

Prayer: Two hours a week, in addition to personal, regular ‘devotions.’ A prayer ‘tool kit’ of various ways of praying is also developed, month by month.

Independent Project: Each intern chooses a project of personal interest.

Retreat: There is a 1 day retreat in September

Spiritual Direction: Each intern meets regularly with a Spiritual Director.


Monthly Reading Themes

February: Introduction to New Monasticism. Read Punk Monk by Andy Freeman.

March: Intimacy with God. Read After God’s Own Heart by Mike Bickle.

April: Spiritual Disciplines. Read The Sacred Year by Michael Yankoski.

May: Community. Read Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

June: Identity. Read Orphan, Slave, Son by Ben Pasley.

July: Justice. Read Pursuing Justice by Ken Wytsma.

August: The Church. Read Streams of Living Water by Richard Foster.

September: Radical Hospitality. Read Making Room by Christine Pohl.

October: Urban Mission. Read Friendship at the Margins by Christopher Heuertz and Christine Pohl.

November: Cities. Read Thin Places by Jon Huckins with Rob Yackley.



The cost of the Internship is $400 which will need to be paid up front (monthly payments available). A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to secure a place in the program. This will be applied toward the program when it begins.

The fee covers our admin costs and also gives you access to the following: online learning discussions, guided group discussion sessions at our monthly dinners, minimum of 5 individual coaching sessions during the 10 months and a retreat day near the end of the Internship.

Interns will also need to purchase the nominated book for each month.