Key People

Pastor/Spiritual Director: Steve Woods

Steve grew up in a conservative Baptist church in a working class suburb of Adelaide. In his teens, Steve discovered the Charismatic movement and he has been involved in prophetic and healing ministry all over the world. After training for Pastoral Ministry in the mid-1990’s, he has lead churches in city and country areas.

His life and ministry was hijacked by Jesus in a 24/7 Prayer Room in 2008 and he has been on a journey to discover how old and new theology and practice mix.

He is an Urban Monk, having taken vows in The Order of the Mustard Seed, an intentional, international discipleship community that seeks to live out spirituality in very ordinary ways.

He is a qualified Spiritual Director (Bachelor of Ministry, Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction and a Member of Ecumenical Spiritual Directors Association) and has a passion for Spiritual Formation for people in ministry, especially those in isolated contexts such as Missionaries or pioneers.

Steve loves, coffee, wine and football. Steve and Vicki have three adult children who one day will move out of home!