The Table

We meet each Sunday, 5pm at The Junction Community Centre, Corner of Grand Junction Road and May Terrace, Ottoway, for a bring and share meal.  If you don’t have food to bring, there’s always a bit extra, so please feel free to come!

Each week, during the meal, someone will tell a bit of their life story and we will have some very brief sharing about the life of Jesus.

Our Discussion Input focus for the beginning of 2018 is The Welcome of Jesus.  The outline is below:


One of the most attractive things about Jesus is how he created a space of welcome and affirmation for people who his society had discarded or judged.  He wanted to introduce everyone to the God who loved them unconditionally and did not exclude them from His dynamic kingdom.  In fact, when we look closely at the life of Jesus, he always aligned Himself with the powerless and marginalised and refused to exclude them.

This lack of exclusion is what we call justice; the truth that God loves all people and that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect.  We will begin our year by exploring justice through the eyes of the welcome and hospitality of Jesus.

Jesus welcomes Children (Jan 7th)

When his disciples figured Jesus had better things to do with his time than focus on the kids, Jesus was very upset.  He talked about how if we really want to understand the Kingdom of God, then kids are the perfect example of how God welcomes us and how we should approach Him.

Jesus welcomes Battlers (Jan 14th)

In Jesus’ society, like in ours, there were people who struggled to make ends meet.  Poverty and broken social structures went hand-in-hand (and still do!).  But Jesus had good news for those who were doing it tough.  They were first in line in God’s eyes!

Jesus welcomes Skeptics (Jan 21st)

Many people were attracted to Jesus through his public speaking, his lifestyle and his miracles, but still had lots of questions about the “God stuff.”  One guy visited him late at night to ask questions when no-one else would see him.  Jesus had a surprising answer for Him that shattered some of his ideas about organised religion.

Jesus welcomes Sick people (Jan 28th)

In Jesus’ day, sick people were often excluded from joining in on social gatherings.  There were no easy cures, and lots of judgement!  There was even a crazy idea that just hanging around with sick people would make you sick too, and people were excluded by association!  Jesus had good news for sick people, especially those with incurable or chronic illness: God sees! God cares!  God even heals!

Jesus welcomes Divorced people (Feb 4th)

Jesus met one woman who was broken and lived on the edges of her community because of many failed relationships.  Multiple divorces and a present de facto relationship meant that she had no dignity or honour in the eyes of her community.  But Jesus broke down a whole heap of religious, cultural and social barriers to affirm this woman in the eyes of God – he even gave her a job as a missionary!

Jesus welcomes Marginalised people (Feb 11th)

Jesus spent an awful lot of time with the people that didn’t fit!  Corrupt government workers and disliked sex workers especially seemed to like hanging out with him.  If people didn’t fit the cultural or religious norms, Jesus had amazing news for them!  God liked them!  God loved them!  There was a community they could fit into and feel welcomed and affirmed.  The joy that people felt when they met Jesus was overwhelming.